CCACP Courses

Course in Computer Application & Concept with Programing (CCACP)

Course Objective: - Our aim to build strong Knowledge and enrich the root of children with computer application and programing because being increased utilization of computer in everywhere and increasing dependency of all function of human like Educational, Professional, technical on computer. We are preparing the student for this, also who want to make a carrier in as computer Engineer that course might be helpful.
Another Characteristics of Course: - Three Years Course for Class IV to IX Student which also integrated with English Speaking with verbally practicing in English with more than 90 lesson from step by step. Grammar- which develop skill to write correct English, Developing Personal Skill and Basic Math, Reasoning and G. K. which make a complete boost up your children in Computer, educational and social area.
Course Duration: - 3 Yrs.
Course Fee: - 15000
Course Outline
UNIT -1: Introduction to Computer Fundamentals.
UNIT - 2 :-Windows, Notepad, Word Pad, Paint
UNIT - 3:- MS Dos
UNIT 4 :-MS Logo
UNIT 5:-MS Word
Unit 6:- Q Basic
UNIT 7:-Internet
UNIT 8:-MS Excel
UNIT 9:-MS Power Point
UNIT 10:-MS Access
UNIT 11:-MS Publisher
UNIT 12:-C and C++ (OOP) Unit 13: -Introduction to HTML and Internet
Unit 14: -Photoshop
Unit 15: -Flash
Unit 16: -Java
Unit 17: -Corel Draw
Unit 18: -Using Dreamweaver and PHP
Unit 19:- Visual basic 6.0
Unit 20– Adobe Premier and Adobe after Effect